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“Global SCM Support Service”

Good Supply Chain Management is made possible through the management of international Trading and Logistics. 

We support your Supply Chain Management by visualizing the cost and simplifying the process of your Purchasing, Delivery, Inventory, and Logistics.

Import Export Trading/ Global SCM support service

Utilizing Nippon Express Group's global network of 705 agencies located in 46 countries, 302 cities and Nippon Express business units in the United States, we provide comprehensive solutions for our customers' overseas business.

We provide trading services that utilize logistics functions regardless of the specific product or industry.

  • We do not provide services to individual customers.

  • Depending on the country and the product, we may not be able to handle it. Also, we may not be able to handle parallel import/export (Examples: cars, diapers, powdered milk, etc.) of manufacturer's products.

  • For quotations and inquiries regarding domestic and overseas import / export transportation and customs clearance only, please contact through Nippon Express website.

  • After receiving your inquiry, we have at least 3 weeks to review the terms and conditions of the transaction, present a quotation, enter into a contract, and start the transaction. If you are in a hurry, please fill out the inquiry form with as much detailed information as possible.

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Feature 1

Global SCM solutions

Transportation is absolutely necessary to purchase goods. There are a variety of logistics options, including inventory location, frequency of delivery to customers, and the most effective routes. Even cheap and good products have a big impact on prices depending on how they are distributed. The entire Nippon Express Group will contribute to improving global SCM for its customers.


Feature 3

We makes use of its network of headquarters in Tokyo and overseas subsidiaries to provide global services on behalf of customers, such as ordering, delivery and payment services.


One-stop service by using overseas subsidiaries

Feature 4

Cost transparency

We provide transparent pricing by "visualisation" cost breakdown.

Team Discussion

Feature 2

Purchasing and logistics integrated service

With the comprehensive strength of the Nippon Express Group, which has a global network, we will provide purchasing/trading services with logistics services such as transportation and packaging to improve the overall efficiency of our customers' businesses


Let us help you! if you have experienced the following:

  • ​Need to complete transactions in the United States

  • Need to have sales channel but no sales base in the United States

  • Need to purchase goods from Asia, but no procurement base in Asia

  • Need to reduce costs in the supply chain

  • Need to outsource trade/logistics related operations and focus on core activity

  • Need to improve cash flow



(Chicago Office)

2101 S Arlington Heights Road,

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Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Phone: (847) 952-9300


(Indianapolis Office)

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